Curatorial Practice II:
Curating the Future
Instructor: Mohammad Salemy Module: 2 of 3 Date & Time: Dec 20, & January 9, 16, 30 12:00 - 2:20

The 20th century, particularly after the Second World War, witnessed the emergence of a new class of cultural producers named curators who worked with with artists, museum officials and private collectors to organize art exhibitions. Through an ongoing process of self-specialization, curators began to play a decisive role in the production of art and shaping the function of the individual artist. Over the course of the last two decades, in turn, many universities have begun to offer curatorial studies programs, focusing on the development of the curator’s role in constructing associations between art, artists and audiences, as well as elaborating the significance of exhibitions as the key space for approaches to contemporary art and society.

This second module of the Curatorial Practice seminar will look at how telecomputation, or the synthesis between telecommunication and computation, has both transformed and made inseparable the production and distribution of art, culture and knowledge, and introduced conceptual changes for the curatorial field. Participants will consider the categories of post-internet and data-driven art from a critical perspective and will examine the strategies of absorption, rejection and recuperation of the telecomputational paradigm on the part of established contemporary art institutions. The seminar will explore and develop real and cybernetic strategies to assist in the salvaging and utilization of the existing global art world infrastructure to frame and exhibit new art forms for the 21st century beyond that which has historically been referred to as “contemporary art”.

Participants will form groups to address different aspects of the seminar topic or other themes that emerge in the readings-related discussions during the first two sessions. Between the first two and the second two sessions, the instructor and groups will meet on Google Classroom platform to discuss theoretical issues towards the planned exhibition, conference & catalogue for Prague’s Tranzit Gallery by the instructor in March 2016. Participants will then return to finalize their contributions in January and set the resulting project into motion.

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