Fernando Zalamea is the author of Synthetic Philosophy of Contemporary Mathematics (New York / Falmouth: Sequence / Collapse, 2012) and Peirce's Logic of Continuity (Boston: Docent Press, 2012). Among twenty books on mathematics, philosophy, and cultural studies, some have received main essay awards in Spain (Jovellanos 2004, Gil Albert 2004), Mexico (Siglo XXI 2012, Kostakowsky 2001), and Colombia (Andrés Bello 2000). Since 2012, Zalamea runs a Philosophy of Mathematics Seminar (Galois, Riemann, Poincaré, Cantor, Hilbert, Gödel, one author per semester). The Seminar is now centered around Alexander Grothendieck, dividing in three parts (Spring 2015, 2015, Spring 2016) the study of Grothendieck's known works in the periods 1950-60, 1960-70, 1980-90.
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