John Bova is a philosopher living in Albuquerque. Since the mid-2000s, his work has focused on problems of self-reference, reflection, and reflexivity arising at the intersection of metamathematical-metalogical and metaethical-metapolitical lines of conceptualization. His 2016 dissertation introduced the figure of the metalogical Plato and was entitled, "A Metalogical Approach to the Problem of Reflexivity in Platonic Dialectic". He has offered courses in Logic and Metalogic, Philosophy of Mind, and Ancient Greek thought at various institutions. An emergent goal of his seminar practice, applied to these and all of his courses, has been to show that the traditional functions of professorial authority can be displaced, in philosophy, in favor of those of the forms themselves as the only strict learnables, with net gains in rigor, utility, and justice. Since 2012 he has been an Affiliated Researcher in the Philosophy Department at the University of New Mexico. An intermittent philosophical notebook can be found at metalogicmetaethics.blog; some information on current projects can be found at unm.academia.edu/JohnBova.
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