Lecturer in Continental Philosophy at the University of Warwick (1987-1997). Co-founder of the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit (Ccru) with Sadie Plant. Editor at Urbanatomy (since 2006), and founder of Urbanatomy Electronic (2013, under Leo Zhou). Co-founder of Time Spiral Press (with Anna Greenspan, 2014). Author of The Thirst for Annihilation (1992), Fanged Noumena (edited by Ray Brassier and Robin Mackay, 2011), Templexity (2014), and Phyl-Undhu (2014). Blogs at Urban Future (www.ufblog.net, www.facebook.com/pages/Urban-Future/448121928641155, twitter @UF_blog), and Outside in (www.xenosystems.net, twitter @Outsideness).
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