Programmer Mohammad Salemy

The New Centre’s Art & Curatorial Practice Program is one of the only international curricula responding to the challenges that cultural and economic globalization as well as planetary telecomputation have together created for the production and distribution of contemporary art and knowledge in the 21st century. The Program engages with the fields from a critical standpoint by encouraging students to question the institutional assumptions about the role of artists and curators with a focus on the epistemological and social ramifications of art making, exhibitions, their surrounding activities, and their political economy. Part historical, part conceptual, and part practical, the program encourages students to form their own critical approach by focusing on research topics and connecting specific materials from within the discourse of contemporary art to other fields of knowledge from the sciences and humanities. As part of its practicum, the program will include the publication of research and student-curated events and exhibitions. Rather than issuing stand alone certificates, The New Centre’s Art and Curatorial Practice complements existing, accredited MA/PhD programs at other higher educational institutions by introducing students to newer concepts and methodologies which have yet to be incorporated in art and curatorial curricula at accredited universities and colleges, thus preparing students for either entering these institutions or providing them additional knowledge and skills for professionally entering the field as artists or curators. Through their course of study, the students will meet and become part of the network of professional artists, critics, curators and thinkers who are currently involved in the fields of art and curatorial practice.

REQUIREMENTS: All certificate-seeking students will complete twelve credits of seminars with The New Centre, with a minimum of six within the Art & Curatorial Practice program, and a maximum of six elective credits from other certificate programs or seminars offered at the New Centre. One of the required six credits within the Art & Curatorial Program will consist of a directed study either with the Programmer or with another relevant affiliate instructor, oriented around publication or exhibition. The award of a certificate requires the proposal, production, and publication of at least one full-length essay in a reputable online or print periodical venue, or a substantial curatorial project with a reputable institution. This project must be derived from the ongoing credit requirements of The New Centre’s seminars. Additionally, all Art & Curatorial Practice Certificates require the identification of, application to, and engagement in at least one relevant internship or employment position, lasting a minimum of two weeks during the course of the program requirement completion. All certificate students will be closely assisted by the certificate programmer in the completion of these requirements, as well as in liaising with potential publication, project execution, and internship venues. If you are already working in the field, you do not need to complete the internship or employment requirement.

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