Programmer Olivia Lucca Fraser

If, following a roughly dialectical bent, we take concepts to be what mediates and modulates our relation to the world -- the circuits of communication and control in which we find ourselves -- then 'media' and 'technology' are names for the concept's material existence. They are the forms of our efferent alienation from the world we inherit, both the paths of the world's past and future humanization, and the relentless volatilization of our present humanity. It is this material existence of the concept that our programme aims to investigate. Though the horizon of our research is certainly universal or global in its scope, our seminars will each be grounded in particular case studies of technological mediation, ranging from cryptocurrency to mathematical formalisms, pornography to AI, sound art to cyberfeminism. Neither purely reflective nor purely technical, the majority of our seminars will seek to combine theory and practice, many aiming to train the students not only to theorize about this or that techno-aesthetic assemblage, but to tinker with it, build it, exploit it, and adapt it for themselves. This may involve learning how to construct a diagonal proof in logic, programme a machine learning algorithm, or code digital soundscapes on the fly, to invoke just a few upcoming seminars.

REQUIREMENTS: All certificate-seeking students will complete twelve credits of seminars with The New Centre, with a minimum of six within the Media & Technology Program, and a maximum of six elective credits from other certificate programs or seminars offered at the New Centre. One of the required six credits within the Media & Technology Program will consist of a directed study either with the Programmer or with another relevant affiliate instructor, oriented around publication or exhibition. The award of a certificate requires the proposal, production, and publication of at least one full-length essay in a reputable online or print periodical venue, or a substantial curatorial project with a reputable institution. This project must be derived from the ongoing credit requirements of The New Centre’s seminars. Additionally, all Media & Technology Program Certificates require the identification of, application to, and engagement in at least one relevant internship or employment position, lasting a minimum of two weeks during the course of the program requirement completion. All certificate students will be closely assisted by the certificate programmer in the completion of these requirements, as well as in liaising with potential publication, project execution, and internship venues. If you are already working in the field, you do not need to complete the internship or employment requirement.
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