Programmer Jason Adams

The New Centre’s Social & Political Thought Program is designed to intensify students’ capacities for comprehending and disturbing power relations as they exist today, in the increasingly undemocratic, markedly unequal, globalized world of the early 21st century. The seminars proceed by way of juxtaposition, generating divergent readings of the classic texts of political theory through a historically-informed and future-oriented encounter with more recent social & political thinking. The Social & Political Thought Program is distinguished however, not only in its synthesis of genres, but also in its affirmation of practice: mobilizing both classic and contemporary political thinking to question dominant assumptions about contemporary events in all of their legal, rhetorical, technological, aesthetic, economic and spatio-temporal ramifications. Just as the old is brought into a nexus with the new, so too is theory brought together with practice. And while the conventional liberal and communitarian, radical and critical threads of social and political thought are engaged throughout the coursework, the program emphasizes breadth of understanding across tendencies, as much as depth of fluency in any one tendency.

REQUIREMENTS: The New Centre’s Social & Political Thought Certificate Program aims to either complement graduate degrees from accredited colleges and universities in a range of possible fields or to prepare students for the more advanced levels of research and practice expected once accepted into them. All certificate-seeking students will complete twelve credits of seminars with The New Centre, with a minimum of six within the Social & Political Thought program, and a maximum of six exchangeable credits from other certificate programs. One of the required six within Social & Political Thought will consist of a directed study either with the Programmer or with another relevant affiliate, oriented around publication. The award of a certificate requires the proposal, production, and publication of at least one full-length academic essay in a reputable online or print periodical venue, derived from the ongoing credit requirements of The New Centre’s seminars. Additionally, all Social & Political Thought certificates require the identification of, application to, and engagement in at least one relevant internship or employment position, lasting a minimum of two weeks during the course of the program requirement completion. All certificate students will be closely assisted by the certificate programmer in the completion of these requirements, as well as in liaising with potential publication and internship venues. If you are already working in the field, you do not need to complete the internship or employment requirement.

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