Programmer Tony Yanick

The New Centre’s Transdisciplinary Research & Practice Program aims to explore the interfaces between the arts, sciences, and vernacular knowledge by engaging with strategies that capture complexity, cultivate new ecologies of knowledge, and affect individual and collective transformations. This program offers theoretical and practical support to enhance and realize issue-based transdisciplinary projects unrestricted by the constraints of any one discipline. The program provides support and access to resources and community, offering seminars that cannot fit into a discipline-specific program, but are at once between, across, and beyond all disciplines. This program is ideal for those interested in research across specializations and professions; including graduate students designing theses and dissertations and undergraduates seeking to enhance their skills in research methods, qualitative research, interdisciplinary / multidisciplinary / transdisciplinary approaches from a range of perspectives, and arts-based or community-based researchers.

REQUIREMENTS: The project requirement emphasizes the kind of transdisciplinary research design that alters discipline-specific approaches, sharing resources and integrating disciplines. The award of a certificate requires the proposal, production, and realization of an issue-based transdisciplinary project. Projects can be, but are not limited to, developing: an artwork, a book, a journal article, an exhibition, a film, a game, a magazine, or an online platform. Projects may be individually or collaboratively developed and executed with a focus towards opening up new perspectives, questions, and solutions that arise at the interfaces between traditional academic and professional disciplines. One of the required twelve credits consists of a directed study either with the Programmer or with another relevant affiliate, oriented around your project. The directed study consists of a minimum of four meetings, in which the Programmer (or other affiliate mentor) provides feedback on the student’s project development through the duration of the certificate program. The Programmer will then assist you in publishing in a reputable online or print venue, derived from the ongoing credit requirements of The New Centre’s seminars, or successfully presenting your work and engaging with a wider audience, whether at a conference, an exhibition, or other venues related to your project. Further assistance and involvement will be encouraged but not required from mentors. Additionally, all Transdisciplinary Research & Practice certificates require the identification of, application to, and engagement in at least one relevant internship, employment, or volunteer position, lasting a minimum of two weeks. All certificate students will be closely assisted by the certificate programmer in the completion of these requirements, as well as in liaising with potential publication and internship venues. Candidates seeking to enroll in the certificate program must submit a proposal outlining their prospective transdisciplinary project, in addition to satisfying all the general application requirements. If you are already working in the field, you do not need to complete the internship, employment or volunteer requirement.

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