Theory & method for a non-curatorial exhibition practice

Instructor: Stefan Heidenreich
Program: Art & Curatorial Practice
Credit(s): 1
Date: Monday, December 18 and January 8, 15, 22.
Time: 3:30 - 6:00 EST

Stephen Heidenreich: Uncurated: Theory & method for a non-curatorial exhibition practice

The goal of the seminar is to prepare an uncurated, collaboratively organized art exhibition, to be held in 2018. The discussions about my text “Against Curating” led to the decision to set up a platform infrastructure for a new type of art exhibition. It includes social media, public participation in the selection process, collaborative and open discussions, and a globally distributed geo-located form of display. The research for the show will take a look at historical examples of non-curated exhibitions, namely the salon des refusés, the salon des indépendants, and artists’ societies and Künstlervereine of the 19 century. Results of the research will help to launch a crowdfunding campaign and inform the design of the infrastructure and the display.

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