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The Making of a Biennial Where Art is Centre-Stage
Instructor: Maria Lind Guests: Tyler Coburn, Apolonija Sustersic, Doug Ashford, & Walid Raad Credit: 2 Module: 1 & 2 Date & Time: April 5, 11, 18, & 25; May 3, 9, 18, & 23 4:00 - 6:30 PM EST


Eight sessions divided into four “duo-sessions” with one artist and one text connected to this artist’s practice as the focus points for each. Maria Lind and one of the other members of the curatorial team is responsible for each duo-session.

This course is drawing from the concerns of the upcoming Gwangju Biennial, opening 2 September 2016, and the process of its making. In the midst of infra-structural focus in the sphere of art in many parts of the world, among worries about commercial interests and populist programming, art itself seems to be partly forgotten. We want to direct our attention to art works and projects, addressing the performative aspect of art, not performative art, in terms of the question, “what does art do?”. A central part of this is art’s capacity to project, to say something about the future.

Within this direction, a handful of strands have emerged through the practices and works of the artists who have been invited so far and our research process in general: “above and below ground” – on struggles over land, natural resources and the faculties of the earth; “the labor point of view” – the persistent engagement of artists with changing working conditions and their effects on daily life; “between molecules and cosmos” – how the minutest and invisible elements have wide-ranging effects at the same time as cosmos becomes a stage for action; “new subjectivities” – the enlightenment subject is continuously challenged by the pharmaco-pornographic paradigm as well as both old and new models of performativity; “the right to opacity” – how strategies of abstraction can produce artistic and other kinds of space to maneuver.


Session 1 – Tuesday April 5
artist presentation: Tyler Coburn
Moderation: Margarida Mendes, Maria Lind

Session 2 – Monday April 11
group reading
Moderation: Margarida Mendes, Maria Lind

Session 3 – Monday April 18
artist presentation: Doug Ashford
Moderation: Michelle Wong, Maria Lind.

Session 4 – Monday April 25
group reading
Moderation: Michelle Wong, Maria Lind

Session 5 – Tuesday May 3
artist presentation: Walid Raad
Moderation: Azar Mahmoudian, Maria Lind

Session 6 – Monday May 9
group reading
Moderation: Azar Mahmoudian, Maria Lind

Session 7 – Monday May 16
artist presentation: Apolonija Sustersic
Moderation: Binna Choi, Maria Lind

Session 8 – Monday May 23
group reading
Moderation: Binna Choi, Maria Lind

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